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The IFM was established in 1973, which is exactly 50 years ago. The growth and contribution of IFM to the Physics Community and possibly nation building, by mainly the academics in universities and to a lesser degree those in industry and corporate sectors, are reported in a recent article that appeared in the Bulletin of AAPPS recently:

This year, 2023, marks a significant milestone in the history of physics in Malaysia. The Malaysian Institute of Physics (Institut Fizik Malaysia, IFM) was formed on January 29, 1973, and is 50 this year. This article briefly reviews the formation of the IFM against the backdrop of physics in Malaysia, highlights some of the achievements of the Institute and attempts to gaze forward to future aspirations.

In its first 50 years, IFM established itself as a body supporting the interests of the local physics community through training, conferences, and the establishment of networks with the international physics communities. These can, and should, be continued. However, much remains to be done.

50th Anniversary of IFM

AAPPS Bulletin AAPPS Bulletin (2023) 33:13,

Prof. Bernie Wong Cheng Kiat
Dr. Koh Meng Hock

Event Date & Venue

28th November 2023

Jabatan Fizik, Universiti Malaya
(UM Department of Physics)