Physicist turned Novelist

Tan Bok Hooi, or fondly addressed as Alex started dabbling in creative writing at a young age. After his first stint as a member of Minggu Remaja organized by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka in 1988, his short stories were featured in Salji Masih Berguguran, Permata Nilam Biru, Tanpa Mengira Warna, Sawah di Planet Rikre and Seindah Anggerik. His short stories Perhitungan Terakhir and Aku Seorang Saintis were published in Dewan Siswa. His dream was fulfilled when Topeng was published by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka in 1992. He decided to venture into the exciting world of Physics and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree of Science (Hons) from University Malaya later on. However he found research uniquely exciting and intriguing especially regarding the fundamental questions of nature. Under the tutelage of the esteemed professor Chia Swee Ping , he graduated with a Masters Degree in Science focusing on Particle Physics from the same university. His research paper, Calculation of the Higgs Penguin Vertex Function, a collaboration with his supervisor Professor Chia, was published in The Proceedings of the International Meeting on the Frontiers of Physics 1998. His first foray in the working world landed him as a Mathematics lecturer in Sunway College. After finding himself to be one of the youngest teaching staff in his department, he decided to break away from the education cocoon so as to join the corporate world of selling. His adventure landed him in a few distinctive organizations, in pursuit of his corporate dreams. He was a Director of Marketing of an organization before being seduced again into the world of creative writing after a number of years in the wilderness. Once tempted by the pleasures of exploiting his imagination to the narrow corridors of the universe, he wasted no time in getting his first collection of real life stories to be published as A Man and His Wallet & other stories. The book was selected as one of the 50 Best Malaysian Titles for International Rights for 2016/17 and was exhibited at the Malaysian Pavillion during the prestigious Frankfurt Book Festival in October 2016. The book is currently available in Popular, MPH, Borders and Kinokuniya. He was recently featured in the Galeri Buku section in Kosmo and comments of his book can be found in the Star, the Sun, Berita Harian and Kosmo. An entrepreneur trying to initiate discernible footprints within the medical faternity, he juggles his time between his professional obligation as a medical device consultant and keeping himself immersed in the creative adventure of his mind. He writes on numerous topics at and his doodles can be found in Instagram at bokhooi2015
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Date of News: 
28 June 2017

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