Modelling I: Biomedical Applications and Matter Interactions (BAMI 2016)

Date: 26 & 27 January 2016
Venue: DKM4, Institut of Mathematical Sciences, University of Malaya

This series of lectures is organised by Centre of Mathematical Modelling and Optimization, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, University of Malaya & Theoretical & Computational Physics Subgroup, Institut Fizik Malaysia. These lectures will encompass aspects of modelling of radiation damage for biomedical applications as well as Monte-Carlo computational topics and DNA sequence analysis.
It is aimed at interested academics, postgraduate students as well as undergraduate students and others.

The details of workshop is available in the pamphlet attached.

Stephen J. Buckman (ANU, Australia,)
Measurements and applications of Atomic and Molecular Data

Ronald D. White (James Cook University Australia)
Modelling of electrons and positrons in biological matter:
Cross sections, Monte-Carlo simulations

G Garcia (Instituto de Fisica Fundamental, CSIR, Spain)
Modelling photon, electron and positron tracks
for Biomedical Applications

Ong Seng Huat (University of Malaya)
Monte-Carlo Modelling for Medical Applications

Khang Tsung Fei (University of Malaya)
Sequence Alignment for Biomedical Application

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26 -27 January 2016

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