Conference on The Transient Universe

Cosmic Fireworks: Supernovae, Gamma-Ray Bursts, Fast Radio Bursts, Tidal Disruption Events and Compact Binary Mergers are at the focus of interest today. These are typically multi-messenger events that emit in various channels, ranging from radio to gamma-rays and from neutrinos to gravitational waves. Our understanding of these transient phenomena has advanced greatly in the last years and great expectations are for the next decade when new-dedicated observatories will get on line.
The conference will discuss observations of these events by different detectors, ranging from LIGO/Virgo to IceCube and Auger, radio and optical telescopes and high-energy satellites. It will also explore their modeling focusing in particular on theoretical interlinks and relations between the mechanism driving the different transient phenomena.
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Date of News: 
6 December 2017

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