ASEAN College of Medical Physics (ACOMP) Workshop on Interventional Radiology: Safety, Optimization, Dosimetry and Quality Control

The two-day international “ASEAN College of Medical Physics (ACOMP) Workshop on Interventional Radiology: Safety, Optimization, Dosimetry and Quality Control” was held on 5th August 2016 at Pullman Hotel, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur and on 6th August 2016 at the University of Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC), Kuala Lumpur. The workshop was jointly organized by the Medical Physics Subgroup of Malaysian Institute of Physics (IFM) and the University of Malaya (UM), in collaboration with the ASEAN College of Medical Physics (ACOMP). The workshop was endorsed by the Southeast Asian Federation of Organizations for Medical Physics (SEAFOMP), Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH), Malaysian Society of Interventional Radiology (MYSIR) and Malaysian Society of Radiographers (MSR).

This two-day interventional radiology workshop aimed to provide the latest updates on radiological safety, optimization, dosimetry and quality assurance related aspects in the field of interventional radiology. The program was designed such that the first day of the workshop focused on the physical principles and theory of multiple aspects in interventional radiology. Various expertises included interventional radiologists, radiographers, nurses, medical physicists and regulators were invited to share their perspectives in this emerging field of medicine. The second day of the workshop was dedicated to practical / hands-on sessions. The topics for hands-on sessions included (1) patient dosimetry and measurement, (2) occupational dose assessment and radiation protection, and (3) quality control tests of the fluoroscopy systems.

Following introduction and welcoming message by the workshop director, Dr. Chai-Hong Yeong, the opening ceremony was officiated by Associate Professor Dr. Anushya Vijayanathan, coordinator for Continuing Biomedical Imaging Education (CBIE), UM. The workshop was accredited for Continuing Medical Education (CME, approved by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD Category A3: 10 credits). A total of 64 local and international participants across six countries (Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Qatar) have successfully attended the workshop. The organizers would like to thank all the participants, invited speakers, supporting organizations and sponsors for their support on this event.

Date of News: 
2 September 2016

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