5th South-Asian and Oceanian Accelerator School

Invitation to Attend the 5th South-Asian and Oceanian Accelerator School
  • The High Energy Research Organization (KEK), Japan is organizing the 5th South-Asian and Oceanian Accelerator School in December 2018. The organizer is seeking two Malaysian candidates from local universities/institutes to attend this program. The program will cover topics on (A) Basic beam physics and key devices in a medium-size cyclotron for multi-purpose applications (B) Elementary accelerator physics in a compact hadron therapy (C) Practical low energy hadron linac as a neutron source driver. Other details are given below:
  • (1) Fee: no fee for the school iteself including tour (however, they must pay the KEK dormitory room cost and daily meal cost, except party)
  • (2) Financial support from KEK: 50,000 JPY/student
  • (3) Maximum number of students: 5/country
  • (4) Minimum demand for student: background of Physics science and Electronics
  • (5) Date (Tentative): 4-7 December 2018
  • Those who are interested to participate in this program are invited to submit their CV to Dr. Leo Kwee Wah, Malaysian Nuclear Agency. Email: leo77@nuclearmalaysia.gov.my by 31st August 2018.
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Date of News: 
26 July 2018

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