Observation Study of Major Solar Flares in AR 10720

Publication Issue: 
Volume 39, Issue 2, 2018
Page No: 
Date Received: 
Monday, January 15, 2018
Authors' Name: 
Akram Zaki Roslan
A. H. Abdul Aziz
Authors' Affiliation and Address: 
School of Physics, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 USM Penang, Malaysia.
In this project, we study the process before, during and after major solar flares in active region AR 10720 using EIT 195Å and Magnetogram spectrum from SOHO data set. Solar flares in AR 10720 showed recurrent or homologous flares, which were X class solar flares X1.2, X2.6, X3.8, X1.3 and X7.1. Images were analyzed and interpreted using ImageJ and Helio Viewer. EIT 195Å images showed that all major flares were preceded by sigmoidal shaped brightening that later transformed into magnetic arcades after the flare maximum. Through magnetogram images, we saw formations of magnetic flux rope (MFR) before and after major solar flares. By comparing both image filters we found the sigmoidal shape and arcade formation were laid above the MFR.
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